San Lotano Oval Maduro

San Lotano Oval Maduro is the same great tasting blend of the original San Lotano Oval line, slightly tweaked for fuller body and with a San Andres Maduro wrapper that is oily and great looking. This cigar is famous for its unique oval shape, an improvement on the traditional box pressed cigar. Made in Nicaragua by AJ Fernandez, one of the rising stars in the cigar industry, the San Lotano Oval Maduro has excellent construction and flavor.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Mexican San Andres Maduro
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    AJ Fernandez
Robusto, Full, Maduro, from Nicaragua
San Lotano Oval Maduro Robusto 5 * 52
Box of 20$192.00
Ships 05/03 - 05/04
In Stock
Ships 05/01
Sample the 4 different wrappers of San Lotano cigars, proudly made by AJ Fernandez in Nicaragua. Compare from a beautiful Ecuador Connecticut on the San Lotano Connecticut to a bold Brazilian Habano on the San Lotano Habano; from the unique H2000 wrapper on the Oval Habano to a delicious Maduro Especial wrapper on the Oval Maduro.
Ships 05/02 - 05/04
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About: San Lotano Oval Maduro Robusto 5" * 52
Love the taste and aroma. But it burns poorly and fast. The first third ran down middle on one hard draw, making feel like its not worth its price.
About: San Lotano Oval Maduro Robusto 5" * 52
A superb maduro.
About: San Lotano Oval Maduro Robusto 5" * 52
Very "Cuban" flavor nice sharp spice on light pepper and oak notes slight leather tastes
About: San Lotano Oval Maduro Robusto 5" * 52
not a huge fan of this cigar, starts off extremely bitter. Has a hard time staying lit
About: San Lotano Oval Maduro Robusto 5" * 52
It's been a long time since smoking a San Lotano Oval and I have no clue why I waited this long-- what a great smoke from beginning to end! I chose the oval Maduro . This cigar is the perfect shape to hold in your hands and to put to the mouth. Very comfortable. The notes upon first light are red pepper, along with cocoa and fruitiness. Also cedar and leather are right up there. Into the 2nd third, the pepper mellows a bit but the creaminess and sweet notes are still working for a great balance. This cigar is showing its complexity for sure. The last third definitely picks up in intensity to a definite full body, but smooth. The construction was awesome-- at one point the ash was well over an inch or more and sturdy. Draw was perfect-- no relighting necessary. This cigar was a rich, thick flavorful smoke!! Need to try this at some point.