Neya F8

Neya F8 is a full bodied cigar made with a beautiful dark brown Habano Ecuador wrapper, Nicaraguan filler and binder, and a very well fermented Nicaraguan ligero leaf in the blend for that extra kick. Neya is made by Roberto Duran.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
    Colorado Maduro
  • Wrapper
    Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Roberto Duran Cigars
Toro, Full, Colorado Maduro, from Nicaragua
Neya F8 Toro 6 * 56
Box of 20$148.00
Ships 10/23 - 10/25
Questions & Answers
Isa  How long to receive cigars ?!
Posted 7/23/2020   
  •  The Toro and Patriot sizes are available to ship today, 7/23. The Gringo and Yankee sizes are expected to ship in just 1-3 business days.
    Replied 7/23/2020  
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Samer Ayyoub   Is the box available IN STOCK as indicated?
Posted 10/27/2019   
  •  Hi Samer, this cigar lists a future ship date of 10/29. So, if you are to order this box, it will ship in 2 business days.
    Replied 10/27/2019  
  • Samer Ayyoub   Hi thanks again, in my cart the prompts says “backorder” - I want to make sure I only order from stock as I am shipping to a friend in a hotel with limited time span for receiving, can you please confirm that the item is in stock? Thanks again
    Replied 10/27/2019  
  •  The box is not something we carry and have readily available. This is why you see a future ship date spanning 2 business days. Please make sure to tell us your friend's check in/check out date in the message box at check out so that delivery can be arranged appropriately.
    Replied 10/28/2019  
  • Samer Ayyoub   Perfect thanks
    Replied 10/28/2019  
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JD  Do you expect to offer their 7x70 cigar at some time?
Posted Yesterday   
  •  Even though we do not currently carry the Big Jack 7 " * 70, you may special order a box whenever you are in need. To order, call or email.
    Replied Yesterday  
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Edwin Kelris  Is this available to purchase singles?
Posted 12/10/2018   
  •  Not at this time. Which size would you be interested in purchasing by single?
    Replied 12/11/2018  
  • Anonymous  The toro and patriot. Im curious to try those out but couldn't risk buying a box only to find out I don't like them.
    Replied 12/28/2018  
  • Allison Petitt  Wonderful. We'll put in a request to sell these by single and see what happens. :)
    Replied 12/31/2018  
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6 reviews
How reviewers describe Neya F8
good flavor
full bodied
Rated 3.6by 86 Aficionados
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Keith W B.09/14/2018About: Neya F8 Toro 6" * 56
Not a bad smoke.
James D.02/09/2018About: Neya F8 Toro 6" * 56
This one lacks in flavor for the first third. The last third is good but leaves you still wanting more cigar to smoke by the time the strength and flavor kicks in.
Joseph C.08/01/2017About: Neya F8 Toro 6" * 56
Good cigar and good burn
JAMES W.01/03/2016About: Neya F8 Toro 6" * 56
Ozzie H.12/18/2015About: Neya F8 Toro 6" * 56
Very tasty
Shelly K.12/14/2015About: Neya F8 Toro 6" * 56
Since Robert Duran cigars are new to me, I decided to do my research and was excited to try the Neya F8. A very appealing Nicaraguan, full body cigar with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The cigar starts off with pepper notes along with woody notes. A creaminess seeps through also. The pepper notes mellow out and the creamy woody notes prevail. Once again, in the second third, the pepper notes amp up again-- but not overbearing. The cigar definitely has a nice strong ash and a good draw. The last third is pretty much the same except at the very end a blast of pepper comes through. It was a very enjoyable smoke overall along with a great price point. It is definitely a great rotation for your humidor. For a fuller bodied smoke it is definitely not over powering!