Mombacho Cosecha

Mombacho Cigars' Cosecha line was created after company President and master blender Claudio Sgroi wanted to make a limited series of cigars that would utilize only very particular tobacco crops from specific harvest years. Making its debut in 2016 with the spotlight on the 2012 crop, the strictly Nicaraguan Mombacho Cosecha will carry on with at least 3 more consecutive years of crops afterward, surely making them collector's items. Each year will be limited to only 800 boxes of 10 cigars, so make sure to stock up on this gem while you can, as there will be no replicating such a unique moment in time ever again.
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    Casa Favilli
Toro, Medium, Maduro, from Nicaragua
Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6 * 52
Box of 10$219.50
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Toro, Medium, Maduro, from Nicaragua
Mombacho Cosecha 2015 6 * 52
Box of 10$299.00
In Stock
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In Stock
Ships Tomorrow
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Cosimo Errico  Hi, send you the cigars to Switzerland too? If yes, what does the shipping of 10 boxes of cigars cost? Kind regards, Cosimo
Posted 10/16/2019   
  •  Yes, we do ship to Switzerland. You can get a shipping estimate by putting the items you wish to purchase in your cart, clicking on check out, then entering your country and desired carrier service into the box to the upper right and then click calcuate
    Replied 10/16/2019  
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How reviewers describe Mombacho Cosecha
Rated 4.68by 22 Aficionados
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About: Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6" * 52
I kept buying these one or two at a time. Finally relented and started buying them by the box. A little on the expensive side but a very pleasant smoke. Flavorful, medium-bodied smoke that is actually worth the money. It’s not a daily smoke at my income level but I love having a bunch resting in the humidor.
About: Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6" * 52
The citrus along with a mild sour component moves to the front of the retrohale profile. Each puff finishes with cedar.
About: Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6" * 52
what an amazing smoke! Slow burner not a 50 minute cigar, this is one you settle in for!
About: Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6" * 52
The Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro is a medium bodied cigar that has been aged in a specially designed room since 2016. It is a Nicaraguan puro from wrapper to filler that is handmade in Nicaragua. The Mombacho Cosecha 2014 has a medium brown color with a subtle rosado tint to it. There was a light coating of oil on the surface of the wrapper, which had some thin visible veins and thin visible wrapper seams. Went I lit the Mombacho Cosecha 2014, it started out with a mix of sweet cedar, natural tobacco, earth, and a combination of white and red pepper. Early on the cedar and natural tobacco notes moved into the forefront. There was an orange-rind component that also was joined at-the-hip to the cedar notes. For the most part, I found the natural tobacco to be more prominent on the draw, and the cedar more prominent on the finish/after-draw. Meanwhile, the retro-hale delivered additional notes of red pepper and cedar. Later in the first third, some of the earth notes developed into more of a classic coffee bean flavor. This flavor moved up into the forefront and alternated in intensity with the natural tobacco. The cedar/orange rind note also remained grounded in the forefront. Meanwhile, there were still hints of pepper in the background. The last third saw the coffee bean notes increase in prominence, again rejoining the natural tobacco in the forefront. The draw was perfect, and the ash was also on the firm side and came off the cigar in nice clean chunks. If you are looking for a cigar that emphasizes flavor over strength, this is going to be the cigar for you.
About: Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6" * 52
pricey, but well crafted.
About: Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6" * 52
Great smoke. Love it.
About: Mombacho Cosecha 2014 Toro 6" * 52
Fantastic cigars.