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The Illusione Epernay Serie 2009 was introduced in 2008 as a limited release for European Cigar Cult Journal. As it garnered high ...
Price/Single: $8.28-$11.66
Price/Box: $207.00-$291.40
This Nicaraguan puro by Dion Giolito offers complexity and spice with the sweet quality of Viso Jalapa tobacco and the spicy note ...
Price/Single: $6.40-$9.70
Price/Box: $193.50-$319.50
Price/Single: $15.95-$15.95
Price/Box: $191.40-$191.40
Price/Single: $4.95-$8.30
Price/Box: $247.95-$393.75
Java Maduro is a fantastic coffee infused cigar handmade by Drew Estate for Rocky Patel Cigars. The cigars are box-pressed with a ...
Price/Single: $8.30-$8.80
Price/Box: $22.80-$199.95
Java Mint is blended with the same flavor of chocolate and Mocha as the original Java line, with an added note of mint flavor and ...
Price/Single: $8.30-$8.80
Price/Box: $22.80-$199.95
Price/Single: $6.70-$7.90
Price/Box: $179.95-$253.95
Joya Black can be seen as a full bodied version of the Joya Red, featuring a Mexican San Andres Negro (Oscuro) wrapper, with Nica ...
Price/Single: $6.50-$7.96
Price/Box: $130.00-$159.20
A beautiful two tone cigar with a new tasting concept. The cigar is first rolled with an Ecuadorian wrapper, then the tip is cove ...
Price/Single: $5.25-$7.05
Price/Box: $97.95-$122.95
Joya de Nicaragua has a mellow side, and they want you to know it. Joya Red is a Nicaraguan puro that incorporates Viso tobaccos ...
Price/Single: $5.35-$6.70
Price/Box: $81.95-$109.95
Kafie 1901 Connecticut is a delicious Honduran cigar made with an Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper, a Honduran binder, and fil ...
Price/Single: $6.70-$8.00
Price/Box: $133.95-$151.95
Kafie 1901 Don Fernando Maduro is a Honduran made cigar made with a dark Cuban Seed Habano Nicaraguan grown wrapper and aged fill ...
Price/Single: $6.70-$7.95
Price/Box: $133.95-$158.95
Kristoff Cameroon cigars are smooth, medium to full bodied and full flavored. They are wrapped in a 7-year aged African Cameroon ...
Price/Single: $8.10-$9.00
Price/Box: $161.95-$179.95
Kristoff Corojo Limitada has been blended to showcase the flavor of Nicaraguan tobacco. This medium to full bodied smoke, feature ...
Price/Single: $9.15-$9.15
Price/Box: $154.95-$169.95
Made in the spirit of an elite Cuban cigar, the Kristoff Criollo embodies taste and richness. With a rich oily wrapper, pigtail a ...
Price/Single: $7.20-$8.20
Price/Box: $127.95-$145.95
Kristoff Kristania is a smooth, flavorful Kristoff handmade with a Nicaraguan Criollo Habano wrapper, and Dominican Habano binder ...
Price/Single: $5.35-$7.10
Price/Box: $178.95-$246.95
Like the original Kristoff Criollo, the Kristoff Maduro offers the palate notes of toasted almond, hints of spice and a sweet fin ...
Price/Single: $7.75-$8.75
Price/Box: $137.95-$155.95
Kristoff San Andres was released at the 2015 IPCPR and is a medium to full bodied, very attractive stick with a dark San Andreas ...
Price/Single: $7.90-$8.80
Price/Box: $151.95-$161.95
Kristoff Sumatra cigars are traditional Cuban flavor cigars made with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Brazilian binder and Cuban S ...
Price/Single: $7.80-$8.70
Price/Box: $144.95-$154.95
The Kristoff Exclusive TAA is a special release made for a selected group of 80 retailers that form the Tobacconists Association ...
Price/Single: $10.45-$10.45
Price/Box: $99.95-$99.95
L'Atelier Extension de la Racine is a limited production released each year since 2013 at the annual IPCPR Convention & Trade Sho ...
Price/Single: $8.80-$9.25
Price/Box: $165.95-$165.95
A wonderful new cigar for the connoisseur with a seasoned palate. Manufactured in Nicaragua by Jose "Pepin" Garcia, handcrafted i ...
Price/Single: $6.25-$7.00
Price/Box: $156.38-$174.38
A grand collaboration between Ashton and the Garcia Family, Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is handmade in small batch fashion with a lusci ...
Price/Single: $6.55-$7.65
Price/Box: $163.13-$191.25
In 2003, La Aurora celebrated the milestone of 100 years of their factory with the award-winning La Aurora 100 Años. La Aurora 10 ...
Price/Single: $10.80-$15.60
Price/Box: $265.95-$351.00
La Aurora 107 was released in 2010 to commemorate La Aurora's 107th anniversary. La Aurora's goal was to bring the smokers a medi ...
Price/Single: $6.25-$8.55
Price/Box: $112.95-$155.95
La Aurora 107 Maduro is made with the same blend as the popular La Aurora 107: a recipe of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobacc ...
Price/Single: $6.25-$8.55
Price/Box: $112.95-$155.95
La Aurora 1903 is a revamp of the classic La Aurora Cameroon released in 2017. This cigar is part of the Time Capsule series, fea ...
Price/Single: $5.45-$5.90
Price/Box: $103.50-$112.56
La Aurora is marking 54 years of of blending with a corojo leaf wrapper with the La Aurora 1962 Corojo line. Using a corojo seed ...
Price/Single: $5.20-$5.40
Price/Box: $98.95-$103.95
La Aurora 1987 comes dressed in a silky smooth Connecticut wrapper atop a Dominican binder and long fillers. Upon lighting you ma ...
Price/Single: $5.20-$5.40
Price/Box: $98.95-$103.95
Aged in oak barrels to acquire subtle undertones of woodiness, the select blend is hand-crafted by one of seven master rollers. T ...
Price/Single: $13.30-$18.00
Price/Box: $108.95-$249.95
La Aurora Puro Vintage is a rare cigar released every year with the year of the vintage. La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 features tob ...
Price/Single: $18.00-$18.60
Price/Box: $291.95-$301.95
Price/Single: $27.00-$27.00
Price/Box: $270.00-$270.00
La Boheme is the 2014 release made by Boutique Blends, the company that makes the highly acclaimed Aging Room cigars. La Boheme i ...
Price/Single: $10.75-$11.80
Price/Box: $256.95-$282.95
Boutique Blends' La Boheme Encantador is a beautiful medium to full bodied cigar with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and Dominican ...
Price/Single: $10.65-$11.25
Price/Box: $169.95-$202.95
Price/Single: $3.15-$3.15
Price/Box: $296.95-$296.95
La Flor Dominicana is a vertically integrated company that grows their own tobacco in La Canela and manufactures the cigars in th ...
Price/Single: $7.40-$15.80
Price/Box: $104.40-$1630.95
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