La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show

La Gloria Cubana releases in 2014 their custom blended limited edition Trunk Show, made with rare tobaccos and featuring its trademark smokeable band. The cigar wrapper is an Ecuadorean Habano wrapper aged 3 years. Inside the MG-08 blend are small batch tobaccos from five different countries. The flavors are bold and unique. The Liga YG-23 has tobaccos from four countries and a Habano Connecticut 2010 Maduro wrapper. The flavors are intense and earthy.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
  • Binder
    Connecticut Habano
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    General Cigars/ST Group
Double Corona, Medium, Maduro, from Dominican Republic
La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Liga MG-08 2014 71/4 * 54
La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show MG-08 & YG-23
La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Retrospectivo MG-08 & YG-23 is a limited edition release that culminates three years of artistry with a collection of robust cigars made in the Trunk Show tradition, with rare tobaccos and trademark smokeable bands. Presented in an elegant keepsake humidor containing these small batch creations: MG-08 2012 7"*60, 2013 7"*60 and 2014 7"1/4*54, YG-23 2012 7"*60 , 2013 6"7/8 * 58, and 2014 7"1/4*54. The sampler of 6 contains 1 of each cigar, while the box of 36 contains 6 of each cigar. The Trunk Show series will retire with this collection, so try this cigar now, and also go ahead and smoke the bands!
Box of 36$414.00
Ships 07/30 - 08/01
Sampler of 6$69.00
In Stock
Ships 07/25
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About: La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show MG-08 & YG-23
Sad to see the trunk show releases come to an end. If you haven't tried these I highly suggest you grab yourself a sampler pack while you still can!
About: La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Liga MG-08 2014 7"1/4 * 54
A very good smoke. I hate giving anything 5 stars as there is always something better so taking that into consideration this is one hell of a good cigar. Buy them if you can find them and you will have a nice long relaxing smoke that is effortless.
About: La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Liga MG-08 2014 7"1/4 * 54
Was just wanted something rare or different. its pretty neat being able to smoke the cigar band. Looks are ok and feel is pretty firm. would not buy again but was not bad
About: La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Liga MG-08 2014 7"1/4 * 54
What a wonderful smoke. I will definitely keep this on my list to reorder. Right now I don’t have enough room in my humidor, but may have to buy another humidor just to have these on hand.