Kentucky Cheroot

The Kentucky Cheroot is a budget-friendly, full-strength cigar that is made in the USA. Its rustic Kentucky fire-cured maduro wrapper covers a filler made of USA tobaccos. The Kentucky Cheroot delivers a bold, spicy, peppery, and toasty flavor with an underling mesquite aroma.
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    USA Kentucky
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Slim Panatela, Full, Maduro, from USA
Kentucky Cheroot Cigarillos 51/2 * 32
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Rated 4.25by 12 Aficionados
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shawn p.04/30/2022About: Kentucky Cheroot Cigarillos 5"1/2 * 32
Punches way above its weight! Great bbq taste and aroma mixed with hickory smoke and bites of chili ?? spicy ness and at the very end of the exhale there’s a sweet and spicy flavor. One of the best Kentucky fire cured cigars of all time you won’t regret it (pairs well with Kentucky bourbon)
Charles A.12/15/2021About: Kentucky Cheroot Cigarillos 5"1/2 * 32
Love these smokes! Brutal appearance, but a cheroot, so expected...draw is usually good save a few, excellent burn you'll find yourself re-lighting them often. Not much in the way of aroma but not a problem for me...taste is through the roof...I like to cut them in half when I need a quick flavorful smoke! Top shelf!
James L.08/09/2021About: Kentucky Cheroot Cigarillos 5"1/2 * 32
I absolutely love these things. Be advised, these are typical cheroots, nothing pretty about them, but smoke well usually. I'll occasionally get a box that will have holes in the wrapper, cut them at the hole and smoke both halves. They're exactly what I'd expect for a decent cheroot
Mark P.07/19/2021About: Kentucky Cheroot Cigarillos 5"1/2 * 32
Purchased for a friend they love em!
PHILIP B.03/22/2021About: Kentucky Cheroot Cigarillos 5"1/2 * 32
Fantastic smoke. Cigar is not dry but is firm. Burns slow with great flavor. Didn't really notice an aroma. Will buy again soon.