Isla del Sol

Isla del Sol cigars by Drew Estate look tasty right off the box with a beautiful light Brown wrapper that is finished with a sweetened cap. The binder and filler are made with Nicaraguan Tobacco that has been infused with Sumatran coffee. This mild bodied smoke is perfect for the coffee lover. This is an affordable mixed filler cigar.
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Questions & Answers
Teddy Ray  Do you carry the 60x60 Isla delSol in the 16 box
Posted 1/29/2021   
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Anonymous  Can these be sold as singles? I don’t see that option. Thanks
Posted 9/21/2017   
  •  At this time, the Isla del Sol is only offered by the box.
    Replied 9/22/2017  
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Don King  What about the gran corona?
Posted 9/2/2017   
  •  You can special order a box of this size any time, just email us or call us to place your order.
    Replied 9/3/2017  
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benny ekström  Hi dont you have Isla Del Sol robust????
Posted 10/16/2015   
  •  We do not carry this size, but you can special order a box of Robusto from us any time. It takes 3-5 business days to ship once ordered.
    Replied 10/16/2015  
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