CAO Criollo

The CAO Criollo is wrapped with Cuban-seed Criollo leaves grown and harvested in Nicaragua. The Criollo tobacco is rich and sweet, and gives this cigar a medium body. This cigar is a Nicaraguan puro made with only Nicaraguan tobaccos in the blend. The beauty of these cigars and their packaging is astonishing. The CAO Criollo has been rated 90 (Outstanding) by Cigar Aficionado.
Featuring flavors from four different countries in one special edition pack, the CAO World Sampler takes you on a voyage around the globe. You will experience spicy tobacco from Brazil, rare tobacco from Italy, smooth maduro leaf from the Connecticut valley, and a puro Nicaraguan smoke. The pack contains one of each: CAO Brazilia Gol 5"x 56, CAO Italia Ciao 5" x 56, CAO America Potomac 5" x 56, and CAO Criollo Pato 4"7/8X50. 
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Questions & Answers
Craig Perry  Will you sell cao Columbia cigars
Posted 3/23/2017   
  •  Even though we do not carry them, you can special order the CAO Columbia with us any time. Call or email to place your order.
    Replied 3/23/2017  
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Anonymous  Where are criollo cigars made
Posted 3/23/2016   
  •  This CAO Criollo is made in Nicaragua.
    Replied 3/24/2016  
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