CAO Christmas Releases

It all started with the Angry Santa and the Evil Snowman. Every year, CAO's master blender Rick Rodriguez blends two limited edition cigars to celebrate Christmas. The first release he named Angry Santa based on a story about moving to Alabama when he was a child.
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Questions & Answers
Mike   Just want to confirm that you have the 3 different CAO Christmas Blends stil in stock? Only asking cause pictures shown are only the nutcracker but the names are different? Also any world on what this years is going to be or when it's released?
Posted 11/10/2016   
  •  We still have a bit left in stock of the Nutcracker. This year's release is the CAO Holiday Horde Sampler, which will have 2 of each of the previous releases: Angry Santa, Evil Snowman, Wicked Winter, nasty Nutcracker, Rabid Reindeer, and Sinister Sam.
    Replied 11/11/2016  
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