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If you’re looking for a cigar that packs a punch, then you need to look no further than the Neanderthal by RoMa Craft. A dark, to ...
Price/Single: $10.00-$14.25
Price/Box: $150.00-$290.00
One terrific mixed filler cigar that will not hurt your budget. This mild to medium bodied cigar with Ecuador shade wrapper is on ...
Price/Single: $2.25-$2.45
Price/Box: $32.95-$36.95
For more than 100 years, the Sosa family has been making fine cigars by hand and in the Cuban tradition. The Sosa Exclusive Madur ...
Price/Box: $180.00-$225.00
Handmade in the Dominican Republic by the Tabacalera Fuente factory and under the expert guidance of Master Blender Juan B. Sosa, ...
Price/Box: $180.00-$225.00
In celebration of Sosa's 50th anniversary in the cigar industry, the company launches Sosa Limited Projects in 2015. The concept ...
Price/Single: $4.50-$4.50
Price/Box: $45.00-$45.00
Price/Single: $6.40-$6.40
Price/Box: $56.95-$56.95
The Southern Draw 300 Manos Habano is a medium strength cigar that is handmade at the AJ Fernandez cigar factory in Nicaragua. It ...
Price/Single: $6.40-$7.20
Price/Box: $56.95-$63.95
The Southern Draw 300 Hands Maduro is handmade in Nicaragua at the AJ Fernandez cigar factory. It is a potent, full strength ciga ...
Price/Single: $6.40-$7.20
Price/Box: $51.95-$57.95
When Southern Draw Cigars was founded, they had two goals in mind. The first was to create a memorable cigar with a great draw, a ...
Price/Single: $9.20-$11.99
Price/Box: $106.95-$183.95
Robert Holt owner for Southern Draw Cigars wanted to create a cigar to honor his wife Sharon. The Rose of Sharon is a “…celebrati ...
Price/Single: $9.20-$11.80
Price/Box: $105.95-$203.95
Tampa Trolleys Cigars were Introduced in 2012 by JC Newman Cigar Company of Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Trolleys bundles have been ...
Price/Box: $30.95-$30.95
This cherry flavored cigar is made in the Dominican Republic using high quality Dominican filler tobacco, a Dominican binder and ...
Price/Single: $3.00-$4.20
Price/Box: $15.15-$107.95
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