Asylum Dragon's Milk

Asylum Dragon's Milk is a great idea born from the great minds at CLE Cigars and Michigan's New Holland Brewery, and named after a beer that is aged in bourbon barrels. This limited production stick has been aged in the same barrels in which Dragon's Milk beer has been aged. This makes for a unique cigar that has been aged in barrels used for both bourbon and beer. Do not be afraid to try this cigar even if you do not generally smoke infused cigars, this cigar smokes like a traditional cigar with very subtle infused flavors. The wrapper, binder and filler of this cigar are Nicaraguan.
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    CLE Cigar Company
Double Corona, Full, Natural, from Nicaragua
Asylum Dragons Milk 7 * 52
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Questions & Answers
Adam Bortz  If i purchase 25 cigars will they come individual or in the "carton"?
Posted 6/7/2017   
  •  They will come in a Neptune Cigar sampler bag as the carton is no longer available.
    Replied 6/7/2017  
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mark leow  Hi there i would like check if inventory stated on website are all up to date ? Or will i risk ordering and turns out out of stock ?
Posted 10/11/2016   
  •  Hi Mark, our inventory is updated in real time. If an item is out of stock it will show as "backorder" instead of "add to cart".
    Replied 10/11/2016  
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About: Asylum Dragon's Milk 7" * 52
Price point isn't justified IMHO...
About: Asylum Dragon's Milk 7" * 52
Not a fan of infused sticks. However, with a craft brew, this one hits a home run. Has a sweetness and bourbon essence emanating from both the filler and cap of the cigar. Matched very well with a nicely chosen beer. I would not pick this stick to smoke alone, or with a distilled spirit, but with a Stout or Porter, it is a perfect match.
About: Asylum Dragon's Milk 7" * 52
There's no way I could have passed on this one!!! So good looking, with a great aroma...The first infused cigar I've ever liked. But to be honest, Curiosity more than anything else was the reason to try this stick and...oh boy, I really liked it!!! Aroma and flavor go hand on hand to deliver a subtle sweetness with oak notes that stay for the entire smoke. One can really taste the bourbon barrel's flavor on it while savoring some...cream maybe? I'm not sure but it's delicious (why don't you try it and let me know?). The cigar started as a medium-medium + growing in strength towards the end and keeping a cold draw all the way. I have a thing for nice ashes and even the stick feels a little too wet to the touch the burn was perfect with a solid, beautiful white-gray ash. Smoking this cigar was a really exciting, interesting experience and for sure I'll be smoking Dragon's Milk more often, I loved it!!