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The Costa Rican binder has great body, while the Colombian tobaccos add to the great aroma. Combine these tobaccos with those from select regions in Honduras and Nicaragua, and you’ll savor a four country blend that is as complex as it is unique.
The Alec Bradley Taste of the World sampler is a perfect way to taste-test premium tobacco from different countries; whether you are new to cigars and are trying to find your preference, or an experienced smoker branching out, this varied sampler pack containing six toro (6x52) cigars with strengths from mild to full-bodied will accomplish your goal. Also included is a refillable Alec Bradley double-torch lighter, making this a great gift for either yourself or the smoker in your life.
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Questions & Answers
Joe  What kind of lighter does it come with?
Posted 12/23/2017   
  •  This sampler comes with a double torch Alec Bradley lighter.
    Replied 12/26/2017  
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Jerry Bevan  Does the Alec Bradley Taste of the World 6 cigar Samer come with a lighter?
Posted 10/22/2017   
  •  No, it does not.
    Replied 10/23/2017  
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Rob P  What size are the cigars in the sampler?
Posted 9/13/2016   
  •  The cigars in this sampler are all Toros measuring around 6" * 50.
    Replied 9/14/2016  
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Saul Rolon   Hola buen día que método de pago utilizan yo pago casi todo por pay pal
Posted 6/21/2016   
  •  Hola, nosotros aceptamos pagos a traves de paypal al igual que tarjetas de credito.
    Replied 6/22/2016  
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Alec  Is the included lighter the Alec Bradley Road Warrier lighter?
Posted 3/13/2016   
  •  The lighter in this sampler is a Hendrix FX3 triple torch. We're sorry for the confusion caused by the displayed image.
    Replied 3/14/2016  
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