The Rare and Elusive SakaSquatch

Fans of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust cigars know that its owner Steve Saka is affectionately referred to as SakaSquatch. But few know how he got this unique moniker. Way before he founded his own company, Saka used to work for a cigar company. On his way home from work, he would stop by a cigar shop/lounge to pick up a few sticks so he can enjoy on his long drive. One day, the shop owner saw him and exclaimed, “Whoa! Steve Saka is in my cigar store. It is like seeing a Sasquatch.” Eventually, the regulars at the cigar lounge started calling him SakaSquatch. The name stuck so much that eventually a friend of his had a custom-made statue of the legendary Sasquatch creature that bore a strong resemblance to Steve Saka with lit cigar in mouth. While you may never ever see a Big Foot, Sasquatch or even a SakaSquatch in real life, you can still enjoy one of Saka’s creations by clicking Dunbarton Tobacco Cigars.
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