The Fashionably Versatile Punch Bracelet by Les Fines Lames

Wearable tech is an item of clothing or jewelry that can be worn, and it performs a function such as a smart watch for example. Les Fines Lames, a French-based company that is dedicated to creating fine cigar accessories for cigar aficionados, has designed the PUNCH Bracelet. It is considered the first wearable cigar accessory designed to appeal to your sense of fashion, and it allows you to punch-cut your puro thereby eliminating the need to carry a cigar cutter. The bracelets come in a variety of his and her styles and sizes that will make a fashionable statement when worn. The punch-cutter is made of long-lasting 7mm surgical steel and serves as the bracelet’s clasp when not in use. So, if you’re looking to “punch up” your wardrobe, we suggest you check out the PUNCH Bracelet by Les Fines Lames by visiting our Jewelry Page.
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