S.T. Dupont Megajet Lighter Features and Video

The 'Megajet' has a bold, refined design and in keeping with S.T. Dupont's tradition of excellence and innovation features a new extra wide flame, perfect for every cigar aficionado.

Extra Wide Flame

With its larger size, ease of use and ability to light larger cigar gauges in both indoor and outdoor conditions, the Megajet collection is the ideal model for cigar smokers. The wide flat flame is made to completely cover the surface of the cigar foot, in order to quickly, and evenly light and toast the cigar while preserving the whole flavor of the tobacco.

Ergonomic Design

The Megajet is large and robust measuring nearly 3 inches tall with solid, piezo electric trigger technology, a safety lock mechanism rendering the lighter unignitable when held upside-down for maximum security, and a tank capacity to fuel 200 ignitions. A protection grid featuring 3 air inlets create better air combustion protecting the grid from air impurities making the Megajet a reliable lighter.

Flame Quality

The Megajet collection features Dupont's largest single flat blue flame at .75 inch wide, powerfully heating up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit creating a setting perfect for lighting the full width of most cigar gauges. This impressive flame is also windproof, able to resist 44 mph winds. The flame is adjustable at the base of the lighter and is refillable using S.T. Dupont's black bottle gas (sku #000430).

4 Luxurious Finishes

Crafted in 4 stunning colors, every cigar smoker will find a Megajet to add to their collection. The Megajet collection is comprised of lighters featuring either a black or red natural lacquer complemented by zinc alloy and chrome finishes and a completely chrome lighter with a compelling brushed finish. The classic S.T. Dupont logo is engraved at the base of the trigger accenting the elegance of the lighter collections design.

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