Should I store cigars in the refrigerator?

I've been told to store cigars in the refrigerator, should I?

Cigars are hygroscopic, meaning they take up and retain moisture under certain conditions of humidity and temperature. Vegetables are hygroscopic too. Any vegetable you place in the refrigerator will dehydrate and wilt after time. A frost-free model must heat itself up in order to defrost--in the process foods dehydrate. Wouldn’t the same happen to cigars? When cigars dry out, they lose essential oils that give them their characteristic flavor. Just like that stale cheese that has been in your refrigerator for 3 weeks, your cigars will probably not be tasty after doing time in the fridge. If you do store your cigars in the refrigerator, at least leave the cellophane wrapper on to avoid dehydration and the absorption of food odors (talk about tuna casserole flavored cigars!).

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03/14/2020AnonymousExcellent videos for us stogie guys.
11/21/2016AnonymousThanks for the videos, they were all very informative.
10/30/2016AnonymousTyvm, all good here then.
07/22/2009AnonymousExactly what I wanted to know!!