Olmecs: The Original Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf

From around 1600 to 400 BCE, the Olmecs, an ancient civilization, inhabited a region in Mexico that included what is now known as San Andres. It is an area that is well-known for its rich soils and producing premium quality tobaccos. Little is known about the Olmecs except that they were known to create colossal head sculptures and invented the concept of zero. They were also known to harvest tobacco and use it to make cigars. To honor these primeval brothers, and sisters of the leaf, Nick Melillo, founder of Foundation Cigars created the Foundation Olmec. Available in a natural or a maduro Mexican San Andres wrapper, both blends deliver a full-bodied and flavorful smoking experience. However, you won’t need a time machine to enjoy these cigars, all you have to do is click Foundation Olmec Claro and Foundation Olmec Maduro.
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