Nick Perdomo Talks About the Perdomo Inmenso, Drums and More

Cigar impresario Nick Perdomo, founder of Perdomo Cigars, is a multi-faceted man. He has a passion for cigars. He owns and operates a very successful family-owned business that he started from his garage. He is a talented drummer. And he is adamant about taking care of the people who made him successful. Plus, Nick recently released a new cigar, and its HUGE!

In the summer of 1992, the same year that Hurricane Andrew (a destructive Category 5 hurricane) struck and nearly devastated South Florida, Nick Perdomo Jr., an air traffic controller, launched Nick’s Cigar Co. out of his one-car garage in Miami, Florida. With headquarters still based in Miami (but not in his garage), Nick eventually changed the company name to PERDOMO Cigars Inc. and moved his manufacturing facilities to Nicaragua.

When he started his fledging business, all Nick knew about cigars was that he liked smoking them even though his family has a history in the tobacco and cigar industry that goes back three generations.

Nick’s father was the director of the H. Upmann Factory in Cuba in the late forties. Perdomo’s grandfather ran the Partagas factory in Cuba. His grandfather’s brother was the Minister of Tobacco in Cuba for 44 years. Nick’s son Nicholas Perdomo III entry into the family owned and operated enterprise marks the beginning of the fourth generation of the Perdomo family dynasty.

He recently re-released the Perdomo Inmenso, a large-ring gauged cigar, which was originally launched in the late 1990s. At that time, cigar smokers were not into thick sticks but the Inmenso was a hit, nonetheless. The Inmenso is available in a sun-grown and maduro wrapper. Each Capa is available in the following vitolas: Robusto (5”*70), Epicure (6”*70), and a Churchill (7”*70). Each stick has a ring gauge that is almost one and one-tenth of an inch in diameter. Now that’s thick! The blend for the Inmenso took eight months to develop. The cigar is made in Nicaragua, but it’s packaging was made in Holland. The COVID-19 Pandemic, which had shutdown most of Europe, forced Perdomo to push back the Inmenso’s original launch date.

Inmenso Seventy MaduroInmenso Seventy Sun Grown

In addition to the Inmenso, Perdomo recently extended his Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary brand to include a maduro and a sun-grown wrapper.

Reserve 10th Ann Maduro

Reserve 10th Anniversary Sun Grown

Aside for his passion for cigars and the business he has built, Nick Perdomo is an accomplished drummer who has three sets of drums in his office. He even gave attendees at the 2019 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show a demonstration of his percussion abilities.

Published April 26, 2021.

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