Kentucky Fire Cured

While Kentucky Fire-Cured (KFC) cigars have recently sparked an interest in cigar makers and aficionados, the method has been around for nearly two centuries. Tobaccos that are fire-cured undergo a similar air curing process as other tobaccos with the key difference being that KFC tobaccos are air-cured until they start to yellow. At this point, the tobacco is fire cured. Unlike fire curing with odorless heat, KFC tobacco is cooked in a fashion very similar to barbecuing. This unique method allows the tobaccos to absorb the flavor from the woods and their smoke. The end results? Kentucky Fire-Cured cigars produce a very flavorful cigar with hints of whiskey, scotch, hickory, oak, or maple that will transport you to Saturday barbecues with friends and family. So, if want to step out of your smoking comfort zone, pick up a Kentucky Fire-Cured cigar.

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