It's a Boy / It's a Girl cigars

How did the tradition of giving cigars to celebrate the birth of a child originate?

In The Exchange: Tricky Reference Questions, Charles R. Anderson wrote: "The gift of a cigar has always indicated the donor’s desire to “share my happiness,” and, as far as the Cigar Institute of America has been able to trace it, the custom of giving cigars to celebrate a birth had its origin in just that fashion. In the latter part of the seventeenth century, cigars were quite rare in this country and were treasured, guarded, and in some cases, considered as good as, if not better than, currency of the realm. In those years, the birth of a boy was considered especially important...those who could afford to do so gave their friends cigars to note the occasion."

Today, proud parents hand out It’s a boy/It’s a girl cigars --with a blue band for boys and a pink one for girls-- at the hospital, at work, and to friends and family. The birth of a child is a time for passing out cigars and congratulations. Cigars are also a special way for the new dad to celebrate and share his proud moment when he is absent during the baby’s birth.


Tip: Purchase your favorite cigar to give away inside our It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl cigar tubes. Contact us if you wish to personalize them with the name and stats of your baby.


Get creative. Make a memory box by decorating the cigar box to accommodate things from the day of the birth, like the hospital bracelets, first lock of hair, tiny socks, etc.

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