How To Use the Neptune Cigars Wish List Feature

The Wish List is an easy way to keep track of the products you'd like to try. You can use it for yourself as a reminder of what to smoke next or you may share it with your friends and family!

To create a wish list, you first need to have a account. When you login to your account, the wish list appears on the menu.

Add a product directly from the product page. On the upper right corner, click on the"Add to Wish List" button. You may also add a product from your shopping cart page.

To Add from the product page:

To Add From Your Shopping Cart:

To share your Wish List, Just Click on the Sharing Button from Your Account:

You can create as many lists as you want. For each wish list, you need to select a shipping address. This address will be used to ship your products when one of your friends or relatives order a product for you from your wish list.

To view another person's wish list, click on the wish list menu in the Gift Finder Menu or on the footer of the website. Or just Click HERE

Start Making your Wish List Now!!!! We have plenty of rare and limited edition cigars in stock, and every accessory a cigar aficionado may need!

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