How To Use Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles

Candles date back to ancient Egypt and maybe earlier. Primarily, they were used to light up darkened rooms. Shortly thereafter, candles were used during religious practices. Eventually, someone figured out how to infuse fragrances into candles, and the scented candle was born. Now, candles are used for a variety of purposes: set a mood, enhance a holiday, reduce stress, freshen up a room, mask unwanted odors, or eliminate smoke and other odors. If you like to smoke cigars, but you or someone you know doesn’t like the odors left behind, you might want to get some smoke odor eliminator candles.

Why use a smoke odor eliminator candle and not just a scented candle?

You can use a scented candle instead of a smoke odor eliminator candle. But, scented candles will only mask the odor and not get rid of it.

How does a smoke odor eliminator candle work?

Candles made for the elimination of odors are specially formulated with enzymes that neutralize odors from smoke, pets, or other unwanted smells. They come in a variety of scents and can burn for up to 70 hours.

When should I use a smoke odor eliminator candle?

You can use an odor eliminator candle before, during, and after you smoke.

A.      Before You Smoke: Light a candle before you smoke to make sure any unwanted odors are gone. Remember! Enjoying a cigar involves your sense of smell as well as your sense of taste. Lingering unwanted odors may affect the aroma your cigar. The size of the room, its ventilation, and your sensitivity to odors can help you determine how long you should light a candle prior to smoking. In general, you should light the candle thirty minutes prior to smoking.

B.      During Your Smoking Session: You can help reduce smoke odor by lighting an odor eliminator candle while you are enjoying your cigar.

C.      After Smoking: Light the candle right after you finish smoking, but we recommend you ventilate the room first by opening a window or using a fan.

How long should the candle burn?

Most candle manufacturers recommend that you should not burn a candle for more than four hours. Regardless of long you burn the candle, you should clip the candle’s wick on a regular basis.

Why should I trim the candle’s wick?

Trimming your candle’s wick is a great way to extend your candle’s life, get a cleaner burn, create a smaller flame and a safer candle, and produce less soot and smoke.

How do I clip the wick?

It’s easy. We suggest you purchase a wick trimmer to make to ensure a perfect cut every time. To clip the wick, just follow these three simple steps:

1.                   Place the bottom of the wick trimmer on top of firm wax to automatically measure 1/4” length.

2.                   Cut the wick.

3.                   Remove and discard wick trimmings.

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