How to Smoke a Nubtastic Cigar

Ever smoke a cigar that’s so good you want to smoke it to the nub? Of course, you have! But if you do, you risk the chance of singeing your fingers or even your face. So! What do you do? 

Get yourself a cigar holder and enjoy that puro right down to the nub. Cigar holders come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. There are ones that you insert the head of the cigar into it. Some holders have sharp prongs that you skewer into the cigar. And then there are clip-style holders that will gently cradle your cigar.

At Neptune Cigars, we want you to enjoy your nubtastic cigar. It is why we carry a large collection of cigar holders that will suit your style and please your wallet. If you’ve been waiting to buy a cigar holder, there’s no need to hold it off any longer, just click  Cigar Holders