Four Must Have Cigar Books

With a history that spans more than 500 years, a lot has been said and written about the tobacco and cigar industry. While there are more than enough books about this wonderful subject to fill an entire library, the following tomes are sure to expand your knowledge of cigars and enhance your smoking experience.

“Jose O. Padron Memorable Moments in My Life” by Jose O. Padron  (English edition) – is not just the story of the man who founded Padron Cigars. It also provides an in-depth look at what it takes to not only create a globally praised cigar, but to build a world-class cigar company. Published shortly before his death, Jose Padron takes us on a journey that starts from his childhood in Cuba to leaving his homeland due to political strife to coming to the United States to eventually crafting the first Padron cigar and establishing an unparalleled legacy in the cigar industry. It is a must-read for cigar aficionados and fans of this storied brand.

“Tobacco Sheds of the Connecticut River Valley” by Darcy and Dale Cahill – filled with more than 200 beautiful photos of the historic sheds, farms and the people who grow tobacco in the Connecticut River Valley this lovely tome is a must have for cigar fans. The accompanying text delves into how the sheds were made, and it also discusses how some of them are being remodeled and repurposed.

“Tobacco Sheds: Vanishing Treasures in the Connecticut Valley” by Darcy and Dale Cahill – a follow-up companion to their first book, “Tobacco Sheds of the Connecticut River Valley,” this equally entertaining and informative book features gorgeous photos of the tobacco sheds and landscape of the storied Connecticut River Valley. It also contains an oral history of the land and its people as told by the folks who lived and worked in the Valley.

 “Micallef Cigar Journal” – published by Micallef Cigars –  This beautifully crafted journal covers topics such as the history of cigars, how cigars are made, how to cut, light, and smoke a cigar, and much, much more. The journal section lets you add a cigar band (ring) and tasting notes on your favorite Micallef cigar (and other brands as well). Once filled, the journal will serve as a personalized keepsake for you to enjoy in years to come. It also celebrates women in the cigar industry such as Migadalia Sanchez, the matriarch of the Gomez-Sanchez family and a master cigar roller. Plus! it includes a section dedicated to women-owned cigar shops and mentions your favorite cigars superstore: Neptune Cigars.

So, settle down in your easy chair, pour yourself a glass of your favorite libation, light up one of your most cherished cigars, and lose yourself in the pages of these wonderful volumes.

Published on April 5, 2023.