Don’t Sell Yourself Short on Small Cigars

Sometimes smoking a toro, Churchill, or a long panatela cigar just won’t cut-it. It could be because you have to smoke outside (like most of us) and the weather is not cooperating. Or you’re short on time. If this is the case, consider trying out one of these cigars for size. The Robusto typically runs from 5” to 5.5” long and has a 50-ring gauge. Its length and girth allow you to get a good feel for a cigar. Especially, if you are trying out a new blend or brand. The Short Panatela usually runs 4” to 5” by 38-ring. And of course, there’s the cigarillo, which usually comes in a 3” by 23-ring gauge with some slight variations. These short sticks will satisfy your craving for a great smoke without having to sacrifice time or catch a cold. Need to find a vitola that fits your needs? Just select “Shop by Shape” on our website and choose your size.
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