Cigar smoking woman

Is cigar smoking for women too?

“In the 1920s, the term 'cigar girls' referred to women who sold cigars. In the 1990s, 'cigar girls' refers to women buying them and enjoying them.” With this quote, Rhona Kasper starts her book “A Woman's Guide to Cigar Smoking: Everything You Need To Know to Be the Ultimate Cigar Aficionada”. The ‘90s cigar boom aside, it is a fact that a lot of women today smoke cigars. Even more women try cigars and like them, but are hesitant to call themselves cigar smokers. Surely they have seen female celebrities in the covers of cigar magazines posing with a cigar, glamour oozing from the pages. But, do real women smoke cigars?

The answer is yes, they do. Smoking a cigar helps many unwind in the evening. Some find it is an enjoyable way to spend time with their significant other. We all know an after dinner cigar and a nice drink can spark some great conversation! Far from the cigar girl image of decades ago, a cigar smoking woman is no longer more shocking than a cigar smoking man.

By Luzzie Normand
Co-Founder & Editor; Neptune Cigars Inc.
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