Cigar Oasis Ultra Troubleshooting

My Cigar Oasis Ultra works great, but it keeps telling me to add water. What should I do?

Please give the water cartridge a vigorous shake. Use an up and down swinging motion with the water cartridge holes facing down to release all excess water. Dry the cartridge off and install it into the control top. Press your up or down button to make sure you are set at around 70%. This should remedy the problem.

For future use, please follow the instructions below for refilling your water cartridge:

* Fill a bowl with distilled water and submerge the water cartridge in it for 4 minutes.

* Take out the cartridge and let it stand on the counter-top for another minute.

* Empty all remaining water out of the cartridge so only damp foam remains.

* Dry off the cartridge completely and put the unit back together. *

* No water should drip out when you hold the water cartridge upside down.

Please feel free to call Cigar Oasis at 1-877-627-4798 if you need further assistance.

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