Atabey was the original “Sister of the Leaf - SOTL.” She was the supreme goddess that was worshipped by the Tainos, who were the indigenous people of the Caribbean Islands. Atabey gave birth to Yucahu the Tainos main male deity. She reigned over the rivers and lakes that fed the local agriculture especially the tobacco plant. Plus, she was the fertility goddess and protected women during childbirth. To honor the mother of all SOTLs (as well as the brothers), Nelson Alfonso, created the Atabey cigar. Alfonso is a Cuban graphic designer who worked on developing the artwork and packaging for the Cohiba Behike brand before becoming a cigar crafter. The Atabey cigar is handmade in Costa Rica and features a beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper artfully placed over a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The brand’s vitolas are named after certain rites that were performed while worshiping Atabey, which included smoking cigars. Pay tribute to this Taino goddess by purchasing your limited-edition Atabey cigars here.

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