About the Asylum Nine Limited Edition April Fool's Day Cigar

What started out as an April Fool’s prank on Social Media, turned into a BIG DEAL. In April of 2021, Asylum Cigars, known for releasing some behemoth sized sticks, posted a photo of a large cigar that measured 9 inches long and had a 90-ring gauge (that’s approximately 1.25 inches in diameter). 

They even billed it as part of their ninth anniversary line up. Asylum’s large fanbase thought it was the real deal. And wanted to know when and where they could get one. Soon the demand for this ginormous cigar took on epic proportions. This left Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka, the big honchos behind Asylum, no other choice but to create and unleash this whale of a cigar. 

And guess what? This Honduran puro with its mouthwatering maduro wrapper turned out to be such a hit it has become an annual release. 

If you’re looking for a long, thick cigar that’s as big in flavor as it is in size, then we suggest you click Asylum Nine Limited Edition April Fool’s Day.  As well as the April Fool's Limited Edition 2023