About the Abrams 120MM Warfighter 4-Cigar Ashtray

Now hear this! The M1A1/A2 Abrams tank uses a potent 120 MM gun as its main armament. The rounds from this big gun can take down enemy tanks, concrete structures, and anything else that gets in its way. When fired the rounds leave behind its steel base. The Warfighter Tobacco Company, a veteran owned and operated premium cigar crafter, has re-engineered and re-purposed the bases from these spent rounds into finely polished 4-cigar ashtrays. Each Abrams 120MM Warfighter 4-Cigar Ashtray bears the head stamp on the bottom, which depicts the round’s history. This heavy metal ashtray serves double duty as an ash catcher and as a bit of military memorabilia that you can add to your smoking headquarters. Order it on the double by clicking Abrams 120MM Warfighter 4-Cigar Ashtray.
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