About Ramon Allones

Here are four fun facts you should know before firing up a Ramon Allones cigar. 1) The historically and world famous brand was founded by Ramon and Antonio Allones two brothers from Cuba in 1845. 2) This 171 year old brand is credited with being the first cigar maker to use eye-catching, colorful art work on their boxes. 3) They are considered by some cigar historians to be the first to use a band around their cigar. Note: these two facts are hotly contested. 4) Ramon Allones cigars were the first to box their cigars using the "8-9-8" which is when the cigars are stacked in a box by placing 8 sticks on the bottom, 9 in the middle, and 8 on top. Bonus Fact: Ramon Allones cigars are now made by AJ Fernandez in EstelĂ­, Nicaragua, a brand known for making some of the finest cigars in the world.

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