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If you're into UFOs, conspiracy theories, and fine cigars, you'll love Illusione cigars by Dion Giolito. After trying his hand at teaching and being a punk rock musician (The Atomiks), Giolito turned to crafting premium cigars. Being a true believer of conspiracy theories from "who really shot JFK" to "what really goes on in Area 51", Dion decided to name his brand Illusione, which hints of the hand-of-sleight that goes with government cover-ups and clandestine operations. He also names his cigars after secret government projects. For example, he named the Illusione mjJ12 after the "Majestic 12" project, which was supposed to have been a group of scientists commissioned by President Harry Truman to investigate alien spacecraft. The Illusione mk was named after a CIA experiment in which subjects were given mind-altering drugs in attempts to control their minds. The MK stands for Mind Kontrol. To quote "The X-Files", a popular TV show about UFOs and government machinations, "the truth is out there". Who knows? It may even be in your hands the next time you pick up an Illusione cigar.

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