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The Asylum 13 Medulla Oblongata Maduro cigar gets part of its name from the region of the brain that controls involuntary bodily ...
Price/Single: $8.20-$11.25
Price/Box: $325.95-$408.95
Asylum 13 Ogre is a barber pole cigar that uses Candela wrapper and Habano Maduro wrapper. As with other Asylum 13 Cigars, the Og ...
Price/Single: $8.80-$12.15
Price/Box: $240.95-$415.95
Asylum Straight Jacket is a limited production Nicaraguan Puro blended by Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka (Fabricas Unidas) to be ...
Price/Single: $9.60-$10.40
Price/Box: $85.95-$92.95
AVO cigars are handmade by renowned cigar master Hendrik Kelner in the Dominican Republic. Consisting of some of the highest grad ...
Price/Single: $8.85-$12.00
Price/Box: $22.50-$300.00
Avo Syncro Nicaragua is a new concept for the brand which has used essentially Dominican Republic tobacco. Until now. Avo Syncro ...
Price/Single: $8.05-$10.75
Price/Box: $160.20-$214.20
AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata is a line extension of the very successful AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigar by Davidoff. This cigar however ...
Price/Single: $8.95-$10.75
Price/Box: $35.64-$214.20
A handmade long filler, Baccarat Havana the Game Cigars are the highest quality cigar available in its field and price range. The ...
Price/Single: $3.70-$6.15
Price/Box: $62.95-$142.95
Created by master blender Jonas Santana, the Blackbird Crow is a medium-strength cigar this expertly hand rolled in the Dominican ...
Price/Single: $8.70-$8.70
Price/Box: $180.95-$180.95
The Blackbird Cuco is a medium-strength cigar that is hand crafted in the Dominican Republic. The Cuco’s Brazilian Colorado wrapp ...
Price/Single: $8.70-$8.70
Price/Box: $141.95-$180.95
The Blackbird Finch is mild stick that is handmade in the Dominican Republic. A light brown Sumatra wrapper is perched over the F ...
Price/Single: $7.10-$7.10
Price/Box: $144.95-$178.95
If you like a mild smoke, then the Blackbird Jackdaw is your stick. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, the Jackdaw sports a ligh ...
Price/Single: $8.70-$8.70
Price/Box: $144.95-$180.95
A mild, creamy smoke, Blackbird Rook is hand crafted in the Dominican Republic. The Rook has a nice, brown Sumatra wrapper that r ...
Price/Single: $8.70-$8.70
Price/Box: $144.95-$180.95
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