Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot

As the third entry into Altadis U.S.A.'s modern Henry Clay lineup, the Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot is a full-bodied Honduran cigar with a mix of Dominican and Honduran fillers and a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and binder, topped off with a pigtail cap and closed foot. Available in only one size, this tough looking cigar uses the finest 'reborn' tobacco leaves, or 'capa dura', to achieve its rich and complex flavor.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
    Dominican Republic
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    La Flor de Copan
Panatela, Medium, Maduro, from Honduras
Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 55/8 * 38
Box of 20$92.36
In Stock
Ships 01/25
In Stock
Ships 01/25
Questions & Answers
9 reviews
How reviewers describe Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot
smooth flavor
good price
Rated 4by 24 Aficionados
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Laurent R.11/20/2020About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
Il est ce qu on recherche rustique
Ociya_Syndor08/10/2020About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
This guy has some great potential. However, it's binder/filler combo is weak. So from what I gather, this particular blend is gonna get a significant remix and (hopefully) be rereleased. Unless you're into mild & bland??? Overall, my issue with *these type* of sissy blends using Broadleaf maduro as a wrapper; hence quenching the spirit of the almighty Broadleaf....for those who know <3
Harold L.06/22/2020About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
I expected a little more of this, but overall I enjoyed it
Rob P.09/14/2019About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
Not bad flavour, decent price, bit of a humidor filler for me.
Hixon B.08/17/2019About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
It's a good cigar, but not what I call great. The outer wrapping is good, but flavor is lacking.
Nikko S.07/31/2019About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
Not the best looking cigar but look at the cigars rating and price, add that to the great bold flavor it offers and its obvious why its an amazing buy
Ben W.01/22/2019About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
Decent smoke, but nothing impressive.
James M.11/14/2018About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
Smooth clean natural taste. My first cheroot was a winner!
Peter J.08/08/2018About: Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot 5"5/8 * 38
Henry Clay is good as always! Delicious and perfect burn.