How to choose the right cigar gift

I want to purchase cigars for a gift, how do I know which cigar to choose?

You have decided to purchase cigars for a friend. How hard can it be? You search for cigars on the internet and find 2,270,000 websites. You click on the first link that attracts your eye and to your dismay you get hit with a large cigar list. Relax! We will give you a few pointers that will help you select a great gift.


First, be aware that with cigar smoking, the pleasure is in the hunt. Most smokers love to taste new brands every now and then. Even those who always smoke the same cigar, welcome the change of pace a different cigar brings them. I will add that many smokers do not commit to a particular brand but usually establish a regular rotation of cigars that is interrupted occasionally with a new cigar. There are some expensive cigars that are “special occasion” cigars and all smokers appreciate receiving these.


For a new cigar smoker, search for a mild to medium cigar in a light brown wrapper (dark wrappers tend to be stronger). Also, choose a cigar that is at least 5 inches long and 46 ring. The taste will be more mellow and the burn not too hot. Good sizes to start with are Corona, Robusto (Rothschild), or Churchill. You can create a personalized sampler using our interactive sampler maker.

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