Aganorsa Leaf’s Guardian of the Farm: Dedicated to Canines that Serve and Protect

To protect their precious commodity, tobacco farmers use security guards who patrol the farmland on horseback or motor vehicles, they also use surveillance cameras and drones. They even use dogs to roam the fields and flush out trespassers and vermin. Aganorsa Leaf is one such company that assigns man’s loyal four-legged companion to security detail. To recognize their undying dedication, Max Fernandez of Aganorsa Leaf and Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars created and launched the Guardian of the Farm brand in 2016. Each vitola in the line is named after one of the dogs (mostly bulldogs) who guard Aganorsa Leaf’s fields. The cigars are made of 100% Nicaraguan tobacco and have a strength and flavor profile that will have you howling for more. If you wish to pay tribute to these COTL (Canines of the Leaf), just bark twice and click on Guardian of the Farm.
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