Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon

The Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon is a well balanced, medium bodied cigar with hints of pepper and sweet spice. The name commemorates the year The Torano family moved from Spain to Cuba and entered into the tobacco business. Over the years they became one of the biggest and most well known growers of Cuban tobacco leaf. After fleeing Cuba in 1959, the family took their tobacco farming and cigar production to Dominican Republic, and later to Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador. Today, the Toranos are dedicated mostly to the production of cigars, but their extensive knowledge of tobacco is a great asset in producing some of the world's highest quality cigars. The cigar is flawless and burns perfectly. The Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon has been rated 90 (Outstanding) by Cigar Aficionado in 2004 and 2007.
Nicaragua has developed into one of the best cigar making regions of the world in the recent years. These are some of the best rated sticks from Nicaragua.
Ships 09/23 - 09/24
Questions & Answers
Joseph  I've ofteh wondered if the shape of the cigar has any effect on the flavors of the cigar, ie. box press vs. toro vs. belicoso etc.?
Posted 5/1/2020   
  •  The shape of the cigar subtly alters the flavor a bit, but not to a huge degree.
    Replied 5/1/2020  
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Carlos J. De Jesus Ramirez   Are any of these cigars flavored or infused? I don’t want those kind of cigars.
Posted 4/10/2020   
  •  None of the cigars in this sampler are infused.
    Replied 4/11/2020  
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Joy   Does the sampler set of 12 come in any sort of box. I want to give ax a gift
Posted 11/22/2017   
  •  This sampler is packaged in a Neptune Cigar sampler bag with a Water Pillow humidifier.
    Replied 11/22/2017  
  • Anonymous  What kind sales do you have today
    Replied 2/14/2020  
  •  Today, 2/14/20, is the last day for 14% off of your order. Use coupon code LUV2020
    Replied 2/14/2020  
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7 reviews
How reviewers describe Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon
good flavor
Rated 3.68by 63 Aficionados
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Good package
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Most were good except one fell apart immediately
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I’m a big fan of Nicaraguans in general. Obviously liked some in this sampler more than others, but overall great value and good way to try things I might not have picked up.
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Nice sampler of the best selection of my favorites!
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i enjoyed the cigars in this sampler!
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Great sampler and well priced.
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Pretty good selection of different cigars