Padilla Vintage Reserve

The Padilla Vintage Reserve is a medium to full bodied small batch cigar produced by the Oliva family in Nicaragua. The blend, originating in Ernesto Padilla's Cuban tradition, uses premium tobaccos from Oliva's farm in Esteli and Jalapa, Nicaragua. The wrapper is a Pennsylvania Broadleaf and the binder is an Ecuadorian Habano leaf.
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Questions & Answers
Simon   I saw you mentioned recently to someone else you could special order a box, would you be able to order me a box of the figurado / torpedo size? Can't find one anywhere. Thanks
Posted 10/21/2019   
  •  Hi Simon, we have been informed today by the manufacturer that this line has been discontinued. For the time being, there are no Vintage Reserve available.
    Replied 10/22/2019  
  • Anonymous  I thought so, appreciate you checking. Great customer service, I'll be back
    Replied 10/22/2019  
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Ed  Do you have any old boxes of vintage reserve in stock still? I would be interested if you have any and also would be interested in you special ordering a box of 20 Churchill
Posted 8/18/2019   
  •  We do not have any of the old boxes, unfortunately. The box of Churchill will be $131.95, free shipping. Call or email to place your special order.
    Replied 8/19/2019  
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Michael Distefano  I would like to buy a box of 10. I see them available elsewhere but mostly "out of stock."
Posted 8/6/2019   
  •  Hi Michael, This cigar now comes in a box of 20 only. If you were to backorder the box of 20 or 10 singles, you could expect them to ship to you in about 2-3 business days.
    Replied 8/8/2019  
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Benjamin Myers  are you going to stock the Padila Vintage Reserve Churchill?
Posted 6/21/2019   
  •  Benjamin we don't carry these but we can special order a box for you if you'd like.
    Replied 6/24/2019  
  • Benjamin Myers  no worries, was hoping just to try 1-2 to start (new to me, saw good reviews), loved the smaller size above
    Replied 7/10/2019  
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Michael Janssen  Is the Padilla vintage reserve the newer updated box and cigar bands or is it the exact cigar shown? I ordered from another site and they assured me it was as pictured well they were wrong and I tried to avoid the situation but I was told false information and received exactly what I didn't want. So if it's the exact cigar shown for sure I will buy a box
Posted 11/27/2017   
  •  Hi Michael, the picture is the original Padilla Vintage Reserve and was taken in 2015. The recent version of this cigar has a brown/gold band instead of a yellow/black band. We have the recent version and I don't know who would still have the old cigars. But if you want to try them we do sell them by the stick.
    Replied 11/28/2017  
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