Padilla Vintage Reserve

The Padilla Vintage Reserve is a medium to full bodied small batch cigar produced by the Oliva family in Nicaragua. The blend, originating in Ernesto Padilla's Cuban tradition, uses premium tobaccos from Oliva's farm in Esteli and Jalapa, Nicaragua. The wrapper is a Pennsylvania Broadleaf and the binder is an Ecuadorian Habano leaf.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Pennsylvania
  • Binder
    Habano Ecuador
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Oliva Cigar Co.
Robusto, Full, Maduro, from Nicaragua
Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5 * 54
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About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
The Padilla Vintage..."It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". This was my first Padilla cigar. First impressions were good. Nice box press with a dark toothy wrapper. Aroma was pleasant. Upon lighting a burst of pepper was abundant but faded about an inch in. Dusted cocoa and espresso flavors came in and then a faint sweetness reminiscent of light brown sugar was just starting to get a creamy note but had to relight. Now is a good time to note that the draw is tight on this stick and the burn is troublesome. I spent the middle part of the stick trying to manage this. After the relight the flavors never came back, there was a toasted almond note but besides that it was just earthy with a tobacco note that became more prominent as it went along. After countless touch ups of the burn and 2 relights I decided the final 3rd was not worth my efforts and tossed it into the fire pit. After the first couple inches I was thinking this was one of the better cigars I have had but it was downhill from there. I have seen a couple professional reviews that also had construction issues. I also have a Padilla 8&11 in the humi that I plan to smoke this weekend I am hoping it proves to be a better experience
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
Really nice cigar from an underrated maker. I wish more blenders used PA Broadleaf, but i'm sure there is a reason. Good coffee-like flavors with a nice blast of pepper on the retro-hale.
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
Aging in the humidor. Appearance and aroma outstanding!
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
One of my favorites to let age a month or so and then smoke. Always have one in the humidor at all times.
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
It's like a little espresso and chocolate bomb. Flavor is a little lesser than the Padron No. 9 maduro, maybe 75%, but at 33% of the price. A beautiful little cigar that proves that quality can be had at bargain prices.
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
Enjoyed these before, so purchased a box as a gift to a good friend
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
The rare Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper used on this box pressed cigar adds to the unique and delicious flavor. Immediately upon first light notes of chocolate, espresso with sweetness pop! Delicious! From start to finish this cigar was special. The strength of this smoke is medium but the flavor profile is full flavor. Into the second third, a creamier tone appears with a sweet vanilla popping. Very unique combination of flavors. Into the final third, espresso notes pick up with the sweet vanilla disappearing. Great construction -- draw and burn perfect. This was truly an enjoyable full body medium strength smoke that is a must try. Enjoy.
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
An Easy 5 *S. Great Looking, Great Smoking, And a Great Taste at a Great Price. Thank you Neptune.
About: Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto 5" * 54
Great cigar with full of flavors.