Hoyo de Monterrey

Cigar master Estelo Padron created Hoyo de Monterrey in the early 1970s. The first Honduran Hoyo de Monterrey was born of seed smuggled from Cuba. Today, Hoyo de Monterrey cigars are still made the same way, cured and aged in their own time by the wind and the weather as nature intended. The resulting full-bodied cigars are as deeply satisfying as they are authentically Honduran.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Nicaraguan Habano
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    General Cigars/ST Group
Toro, Full, Natural, from Honduras
Hoyo de Monterrey 150th Anniversary 6 * 54
Box of 15$119.85
In Stock
Ships 05/30
In Stock
Ships 05/30
Each Hoyo de Monterrey 150 Anniversary sampler contains 2 Hoyo Edicion de Cumpleanos 150 and 2 Hoyo de Monterrey Governors. You pay for 3 cigars, the 4th one is free! Hoyo de Monterrey is a Honduran puro.
In Stock
Ships 05/30
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About: Hoyo de Monterrey 150th Anniversary 4-Pack Sampler
Excellent smoke and a good value. Readily recommend.
About: Hoyo de Monterrey 150th Anniversary 6" * 54
Not a very good burn line. Had to touch up 3 times.
About: Hoyo de Monterrey 150th Anniversary 6" * 54
Good lucking cigar with good flavors but the burn produced an dark grey ash that didn´t like it and burn issues.
About: Hoyo de Monterrey 150th Anniversary 6" * 54
With this cigar Hoyo de Monterrey is celebrating its 150th anniversary, it's been a long walk and they couldn't have done a better cigar to commemorate the big day. First thing I noticed: the beautiful wrapper contrasting with the black and silver in the label. the pre-light aroma is sweet, like the smell of raisins or ripped dates...now I'm really excited and I can't wait to smoke it. As soon as it's lit, I feel a combination of sweet and strong pepper notes with a touch of oak. A promising beginning. Right in the middle I start tasting notes of cedar and earth which combined with some sweetness on it makes the cigar very creamy, at this point all the pepper has disappeared revealing the complexity of this stick. Even though it is creamy and smooth, it's a full flavor cigar and medium to full in strength. The draw is perfect, the ash is gorgeous, and the price point unbelievable. Of course you should try this stick; the cigar is a limited edition (4.000 boxes) and it's not everyday you get to try something as flavorful as this.