Cohiba Luxury Selection

An impressive ultra premium Cohiba made by General Cigars. The cigar boasts a light brown, flawless Cameroon wrapper leaf. Each individual cigar is packed in a clear acrylic coffin. Excellent burn and draw and medium body and strength.
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Questions & Answers
BAAJD  Has the Cohiba Luxury Selection been permanently discontinued?
Posted 6/10/2021   
  •  We are unsure if the manufacturer will bring this cigar back in the future.
    Replied 6/10/2021  
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Greg  I asked about the Cohiba Behike
Posted 6/29/2020   
  •  The Cohiba Behike is of Cuban origin and not for sale on the US market.
    Replied 6/30/2020  
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Franc  I have been waiting a long time to find out when the Cohiba LS #1 would make a come-back. It is one really enjoyable stick, so much so. That I purchased 4 full box and 3 partial. Now I am out, so please help mother nature along. If you need help I will even come down there and help roll them.
Posted 5/5/2020   
  •  We'd love for them to come back too! Hopefully the manufacturer will bring them back like they did the Partagas Decadas.
    Replied 5/6/2020  
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Dennis   Are the Cohiba LS No1’s back order able at$315.00 a box realistically? If so I want to order a box Thanks
Posted 6/27/2019   
  •  Hi Dennis, unfortunately you are unable to backorder this cigar. This is because an estimated arrival date is unknown at this time.
    Replied 6/28/2019  
  • Anonymous  Thanks
    Replied 6/28/2019  
  • Anonymous  thanks
    Replied 5/25/2020  
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