Whoopi Goldberg: From Sister Act to Sister of the Leaf

From stage to silver screen, Whoopi Goldberg has been a consummate entertainer. She got her first major break in “The Color Purple,” from there she has played a nun on the run in “Sister Act”, a not-so clairvoyant medium in “Ghost”, and a wise-cracking, advise-giving barkeeper in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” among other roles. She has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Academy Award and a Tony Award. An accomplishment only 16 other actors have been able to achieve. Plus, she has hosted a television show and written several well-received books. Whoopi is also a cigar aficionada who loves to smoke Davidoff cigars. Instead of clipping her cigars, Goldberg likes to use a punch and take her time smoking. In the mood for a Davidoff cigar, you won’t need to beam up or use a crystal ball to order, just click Davidoff.
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