Top 6 Must Have wedding Day Cigars

Whether it’s a traditional or modern wedding, there are some elements that must be present for it to be considered a wedding: a bride and groom, a Justice of the Peace, wedding bands, a wedding cake, and champagne. And of course, cigars!

Just like handing out cigars to celebrate the birth of a child, no one knows for certain when, why, and how the tradition of including cigars in a wedding came about. But it has been around for many years.  

The good thing about cigars at a wedding is that both men and women can enjoy them. Cigars can be handed out during the bachelor and/or bachelorette party. They can be given to the bride and groom as a gift. Or the newlyweds can give them out to members of the wedding court.

Cigars can be enjoyed during the wedding reception. Or afterwards when most of the guests have left. In short, cigars are a wedding staple everyone can enjoy.

If you’re involved in planning the “Big Day,” we suggest you include cigars. And don’t forget the lighterscutters, and ashtrays.
To help you choose the best cigar for this joyous event, we at Neptune Cigars prepared a list of the best wedding day cigars.

Davidoff Aniversario Series – an excellent choice for weddings or any special occasion. Each expertly handmade cigar offers a mild to medium smoking indulgence that will appeal to novice or seasoned aficionados. 
Davidoff Royal Release – if you’re looking to add a regal touch to any wedding, then the Davidoff Royal Release is the perfect choice. It delivers an elegantly smooth smoking profile that is befitting a queen and king or newlyweds.

Oliva Serie V Melanio – crafted as a tribute to Melanio Oliva, the first member of the Oliva family to grow tobacco in the 1800s. With its delicious flavor profile and excellent construction this medium-strength cigar will honor the newlyweds and their court.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro – a complex, medium to full-bodied smoke, the Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro is an excellent choice for cigar lovers that enjoy the rich flavors its Mexican San Andres wrapper has to offer.

Cohiba (or Red Dot as it is affectionally called by its devoted fans) – is one of the most recognized names in the world of cigars. This flavorful, medium-bodied smoke offers a traditional smoking experience that will please the palates of all cigar aficionados.

Cohiba Connecticut – a mild cigar with an ultra-smooth, creamy profile. It is an ideal morning smoke after a wild bachelor (or bachelorette) party, or it can be enjoyed after the wedding reception.

In conclusion, when planning a wedding be sure to add a flavorful dimension to a momentous occasion by saying, “I do” to inviting cigars.