The Joy of Cigar Bundles

There was a time when cigars sold in bundles were viewed as inferior and not worth a second glance by cigar aficionados. But that’s changed. Cigar bundles are perfect for the budget-conscious or even the deep-pocketed cigar lover looking to make a small investment on a great everyday smoke. Some bundles are made from sticks that couldn’t cut the muster at the factory due to minor flaws, but they still smoke just as good as their top of the line cousins. These “seconds” usually come in bundles of 20 or more and are sold at a low price. Popular premium cigar brands are known to sell bundles for a song. Some of these brands are Asylum’s Schizo, Drew Estate’s Factory Smokes, JC Newman’s Quorum, Harvester Connecticut, Perdomo Fresco, and much more.

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