Miami Cigar & Co.’s Humble Beginnings

Mariana Miranda the founder of Miami Cigar & Co. started selling cigars from the trunk of her car. In 1989, she ventured forth in the primarily male-dominated world of cigars. With help from her husband Nestor Miranda, Mariana was able to build the fledging business one client at a time in a few short years. In her first year, she was able to distribute approximately 40,000 cigars. By 1995, the company was distributing more than 3 million cigars. As the business grew, the Mirandas added their daughter, late son, and son-in-law to the family business. If you want to try out some of this iconic brand’s flagship cigars, you don’t have to wait for Mariana to pull up with her car full of stogies, just click Don Lino.
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