Litto Gomez: From Jeweler to Cigar Maker

Prior to getting into the cigar industry, Litto Gomez owned a jewelry shop in Miami, Florida. Although the shop was successful, it took staring down the business end of a gun for Litto to realize that the jewelry business was not for him. The day after the heist Litto sold the shop. Soon after and with the help of his then girlfriend Ines Lorenzo (they soon married), the intrepid Gomez dove into crafting cigars with no family lineage or prior cigar experience. Talk about a risk taker. By the mid-90s, Litto founded the La Flor Dominicana. The risk paid off, and since then he has been releasing must-have cigars such as the Andalusian Bull, Air Bender, and a Special Football Edition cigar that are a jewel to behold as they are to smoke. If you’re looking for cigars worth their weight in gold, check out our collection of Litto Gomez’s La Flor Dominicana cigars.
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