How to Measure Your Wrist for the Punch Bracelet by Les Fines Lames

The Punch Bracelet by Les Fines Lames is a beautifully crafted fashion accessory that also functions as a punch cigar cutter. Like most wearable accessories, the best way to get the most enjoyment is to ensure a proper fit.

To measure your wrist, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions:

The Punch Bracelet is available for wrist sizes from 15cm to 21cm (5.9 inches to 8.3 inches). We recommend you download and use Les Fines Lames printable wrist sizer to precisely measure your wrist:


As we want every bracelet to perfectly match your wrist size, please follow the steps below when measuring your wrist:

  1. Please measure at the point just between your hand and the wrist bone.
  2. Please measure in a tighter fit.
  3. Please do not add any 'space' yourself to your wrist measurement.
Alternatively, you can also use a measuring tape or a piece of string.

How to Cut a Cigar with the Punch Bracelet

Published on 12/16/2022