How to cut a cigar in 3 easy steps

Can you show me how to properly cut a cigar?

Here are three easy steps to cut your cigar like a pro:

1. Get a quality cigar cutter. If you don’t have the appropriate tools or don’t cut where you are supposed to your wrapper will unravel and it may be bothersome while you smoke. It is essential that the cut be clear and regular.

2. Closely look at the head of the cigar (the part that is covered and that you are supposed to put in your mouth). You will see the cap, which is a round piece of tobacco that is glued to the head to keep the wrapper together. Make sure you see where the cap ends, which is marked by a distinct line.

perfect cigar cut 

3. Cut just before the cap leaving 3-4 mm to avoid tearing the wrapper. (Tip: On figurados, just cut off enough so you can see the filler.) To get the best results, try cutting in one quick, strong movement. If you are using a bullet punch cutter, all you need to do is insert the punch on the head of the cigar to cleanly cut a small hole. If you prefer lots of smoke, you just need to insert the punch several times at slightly different places of the cap to cut a bigger hole. You can conveniently carry your bullet punch cutter around using the key ring attachment, but, alas, you cannot use this type of cutter on Figurado shapes.

Now all you need to do is put the cigar in your mouth, and light it…

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