Drew Estate Shade for Days Virtual Event with Jonathan Drew September 10th, 2020

Drew Estate Fans: Neptune Joins Jonathan Drew for the Virtual Event of the Year!

Watch the Full Video of the Event Here:

If you are a fan of Liga Privada, Undercrown, Deadwood, Acid, Tabak Especial, and many other of the great Nicaraguan brands manufactured by Drew Estate, you are in luck! Join us for the event of the year where we will be giving away many unique, rare items to attendees only!


When:  Thursday September 10th, 2020 from 7:00PM to 8:15PM

Where: Online Event Broadcast via Facebook Live 


Specials during the event (while supplies last, so be ready to place your order during the event or right after)

 Liga Privada Boxes – buy one get a Liga Privada Toolkit; buy 40 cigars or more get a bonus Undercrown Umbrella and a Liga A Coffin!

All other Drew Estate brands – buy one box get an Undercrown Shade Toolkit; buy 40 cigars or more get a bonus Undercrown Umbrella and a Drew Estate 6-Cigar Sampler!

Buy 10 cigars get Undercrown Rocks Glasses

CRAZY BONUS: Every participant who places an order between 7PM EST and 9PM EST will get a free Year of the Rat cigar added to their order! Only 100 cigars available! We know you have been waiting patiently for those Year of the Rat cigars to become available!

All Attendees who place orders will participate in a raffle for the following items: 

1 Large  Liga Privada Humidor

12 Undercrown Pewter Ashtrays

5 Year of the Rat Allume Lighters

The winners of the raffle will be announced on September 25th, 2020! Stay tuned!

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09/11/2020AnonymousGreat show