Cigar Band History

According to legend, either Catherine the Great or Spanish nobles invented cigar bands to avoid getting cigar stains on their gloves. That’s the legend. However, cigar historians claim that in 1830, Gustave Bock, a Dutch-born cigar maker, created the cigar band with his signature on it. He had the bands placed on his cigars as proof authentication, and to set his cigars apart from his competitors. Others credit Ramon Allones of the famed Habanos cigars for being the first to use a cigar band in 1845. Either way, the cigar band had become an integral part of the cigar by 1855. According to folklore, cigar rings have served as impromptu wedding bands on those rare occasions when the groom forgot to bring the ring. So keep some cigar bands with you at all times in case you run into a nuptial emergency.

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