ADVentura Cigars’ Tales of Discovery

The ADVentura Cigar brand tells the seafaring tales of ADVentura and McKay, his traveling companion, as they embark on wonderous journeys to discover new lands. The brand was created by Henderson Ventura, the son of cigar impresario William Ventura, and Marcel Knobel, a Swiss sommelier. Launched in 2016, the brand made its first appearance in Europe. Shortly thereafter, it journeyed to the United States where it was well received. In fact, The Royal Return Queen's Pearls Corona received the #3 spot in Halfwheel’s Top 25 Cigars of 2020. Plus! The Royal Return King's Gold Robusto was awarded the #1 spot by Cigar Lover Magazine in 2020. With names like the Explorer, the Navigator, and the Conqueror, ADVentura’s line of premium cigars continues the story of the duo’s adventures with each release. Their collectible cigar boxes resemble old-time sailing vessels and treasure chests. But! You won’t need to grab your passport to sample this popular brand’s smokes. All you have to do is click ADVentura.
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